The Origin Story

Thank you for stopping by to find out our story. When I say our I mean me, myself, and I, plus the support of my husband. I started this shop in January 2017.

I genuinely enjoy every second given to orders, my awesome customers, and each new design. Each year brings growth and learning about all aspects of jewelry making and owning a handcrafted small business. Essential Oils are amazing they hold far more properties than are commercially given credit for many of my designs were in hopes of making essential oil jewelry that looks like beautiful modern jewelry that isn't bulky or unattractive.
The Modern Gem designs are inspired by minimalism and geometric shapes, I love that about minimalism where colors and shapes speak volumes. I'm obsessed with geometric shapes and it influences my craft heavily. I hope you enjoy the designs as much as I enjoyed making them.
I search for high quality materials to handcraft the jewelry, I understand essential oils are powerful so the jewelry must be high quality to hold up against the oils. If you want to know more about our process and maker details please check out our blog on

Thank you for stopping by to check out The Modern Gem I’m so grateful for community support and encouragement, this shop wouldn’t be here without you!

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