Meet the Maker

  Hello Essential Oil family! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself the maker and owner of The Modern Gem. My name is Stephanie, I started this journey back in January 2017 for several reason, we will get into that soon. First off let me tell you a little about myself; I'm a boy-mom, handful of a wife at times, a perfectly imperfect servant of God, and someone who has been in Recovery for 5+ years. These are all things I'm extremely proud of. They are important parts of me.    

 Why I started The Modern Gem... I started this shop to show myself I could, that I could transition from SAHM to working mom. That I could continue my recovery and work, that I wasn’t as fragile as I thought I was. I loved being a SAHM (stay at home mom) but I had only one child, I had fulfilled what my original purpose, to be the care giver for him in his preschool years. Once I had achieved that I was left with a lot of extra time. I wouldn't change that time I spent with him not for anything. The end of 2016 came and I decided to find something, it had to be something I loved if I was going to give up such an amazing role as SAHM. I made my first piece to remind myself to use my essential oils regularly  to help aid my anxiety.  I bought some tools and supplies took some classes online. I'd love to say I had done this as some hobby years before but that’s not my story. I opened my shop only 3 months after I started making. I just wanted something that was my own, that I could pursue, and create, and grow. I was so nervous when I created my shop. Will anyone buy it? Is it any good? Can I actually do this? Will these jewelry pieces do what I created them to, diffuse my essential oils? 

 Why Essential Oil Jewelry? I believed in Essential Oils 100% I had been given a PSK from my mom in 2014 and started to use them. For all sorts of things. I deal with daily Anxiety, sleep issues, and struggle with depression and I mentioned I'm recovery as well, so I had a bit of emotional baggage and turmoil I needed to work through. I wanted a natural way to balance myself out. (I believe medication is a fantastic tool and sometimes necessary for treating mental illness and have nothing but respect for those who take medication, maybe one day I will again myself) I am passionate about essential oils for mental health, emotional well-being, and physical health. So of course, I was going to tie that into my jewelry how could I not!?! They were a part of me, my jewelry is a part of me it, I couldn't have one without the other.  


Only Me!  This is literally a one woman show. I make, package, photograph product, edit, list, run social media, deal with customer care, make all graphics I use, etc. I like to hire out for photography lifestyle shoots ,the models, makeup, and clothes, and absolutely love working with people who love their craft as much as I love min. Other than that, all in house stuff is little ol me. It’s totally worth it! I am small business and appreciate all the support I get from my amazing customers! If you made it this far thank you for taking the time to Meet the Maker behind your Jewelry. Without you there wouldn’t be The Modern Gem. 

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